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i love slushies and will die for anything
i love slushies and will die for anything

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yeah i don’t blame you also i’ve been left alone in paul’s room like three times and keep forgetting to snoop around for your stuff just in case

my big question is why the fuck did he have them in the first place

how do you “accidentally” take two clearly labelled things among a set of video games that were entirely mine, and then fully ignore me asking direct questions about their whereabouts for an ENTIRE YEAR

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bowie doesn’t want me to tell you this because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to have to do it but if it’s a battery issue he can most likely fix it for you

i don’t trust anything other than a dedicated shipping box with my 3ds since my copy of double dash with memory card got lost in the mail

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Oreo Cinnamon Rolls

im gonna die

this earnestly looks like someone just threw a bunch of food on the ground



Oreo Cinnamon Rolls

im gonna die

this earnestly looks like someone just threw a bunch of food on the ground

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my samsung has an option for the main button to be answer and the side turn offy button to be decline? im really smart and know all the technical names for stuff eh.

thank you for alerting me to this option i have now turned it on

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and the award for “you should have stopped right there” goes again to fan-favorite anthony fantano, for saying “Anita is getting flack because she’s an ignorant outsider. I’m not even a gamer, and this is apparent to me.”

this award acknowledges anthony fantano’s record-breaking foot-into-mouth velocity—in the above, he demonstrates that it’s cool to pontificate about where is whose place in what discussion as long as your subject is a woman, because women are ignorant outsiders, but you yourself can stick your bald, wormy head into whatever discussion you please as long as you’re anthony fantano—even if said bald wormy fucker freely admits that he lacks the same qualifications as anita supposedly does

anthony fantano you follow my blog and i want to let you know that this is shit, a shit thing you’ve said, a shit opinion you hold and, possibly additionally, you’re shit as a result

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yeah, I’ve had mine for so long i think im just gonna buy a refurbished 3dsxl from the site, I’ve also sent one of my ds’s to Nintendo for them to fix it & it took a long time but they did it

yeah i sent a support email and i hope i can get it replaced without losing any saves or anything but if it is just a battery issue it shouldn’t be a problem… i just hope i can the same limited edition one back lmao

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Got a call back from a tutoring service I applied for. I might be a math and science tutor this year!!!

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It’s time again

"Tunak Tunak Tun" (Punjabi: ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣ) or "Tunak", is a bhangra/pop love song by Indian artist Daler Mehndi released in 1998. At the time, critics complained that Mehndi’s music was only popular due to his videos that featured beautiful women dancing. Mehndi’s response was to create a video that featured only himself.

also gosh the lyrics to this are actually really sweet & great i never realised

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dawnlovesham asked: Reason why Miss Hoover's was colored blue in the first 3 seasons was because Klasky Csupo was the animation studio for The Simpsons at the time. Tbh I hated their style. I'm glad they stopped.

season 1 simpsons had so much more life in it i would LOVE if it was animated rubber hose style forever

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I’ve had my 3ds since 2months after launch & i picked it up to use it and suddenly it was just turning off for no reason & turns off when its in my bag , it’s a good idea not to put pressure near the power button , it’s a stupid battery issue

yeah mine turns off after ~ 1 minute after turning on and even then doesn’t turn on most of the time i press the power button (like there’s no discernible difference between the times when it turns on and the times when it doesnt) but i haven’t even had it for a year so it should still be within warranty but i hope i can still get a limited edition xerneas one if they replace it…

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pandyland asked: the funniest joke i can think of in the history of anything ever is: we sentence you to life on monster island! Don't worry it's just a name. I thought he said he was just a name! What he meant is that monster island is actually a peninsula.
Karl:    Hey, I heard we're goin' to Ape Island.
Lenny:   Yeah, to capture a giant ape.
Karl:    I wished we were going to Candy Apple Island.
Charlie: Candy Apple Island?  What do they got there?
Karl:    Apes.  But they're not so big.
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I’m so mad about my 3DS right now

I bought a case for it so it didn’t get jostled when I went places with it but it managed to stop working WHILE COMPLETELY FUCKING STATIONARY

what happened nintendo

i used to be able to accidentally send your products through a washing machine and they’d come out working

ok i just noticed my 3ds felt a little cold and my room had been kind of cold when i left it in there yesterday and i just held it against my chest for 2 minutes and then it turned on. oh my god it was just cold???? poor baby

ok never mind it just turned off in the middle of a game? something is seriously wrong

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This is my favourite Charles Martinet vine so far

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i love this

i love this

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