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i love slushies and will die for anything
i love slushies and will die for anything

ok its too busy here again back to my other blog

peace out fools

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i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop

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I’m the one guy chanting CA-NA-DA, CA-NA-DA, CA-NA-DA during those USA chants.


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is “fourty” instead of “forty” a canadian thing? like pretty flower arrangements are interesting but not as interesting as Weird Spelling

oh. no that’s just me compulsively adding “u”s where they dount beloung. which is actually kind of a canadian thing sooo sort of

yeah its still “forty” but it’s just canadian compulsion

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How to complete Snake.

I watched the whole thing


How to complete Snake.

I watched the whole thing

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californiapants replied to your post: there we go

i keep this mp3 on my desktop for when the time strikes

im making it one of my ringtones

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Along with the Pikachu Oops! spin-off, Pokemon Center exclusive ORAS starters and legendaries (Groudon and Kyogre) plush, and ORAS starters 1:1 size plush release, the ORAS games, and the limited edition New 3DS with special Groudon/Kyogre plates officially went on pre-order today.

The Center opened up at 8:45 am (official opening time is 10 am!) When I entered at 8:45, it was fairly empty, but by the time 10 am came around, it was jam packed full of people. Also, for reasons I will never understand, the queue for simply pre-ordering the games was the same queue for the people pre-ordering the 3DS systems, which meant the line was horrendously long (roughly 3 plus hours).

More pictures coming soon!

oh my god buy me a kyogre please. i don’t ask for much. i’m getting really good grades this semester 

please get me a substitute, please

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there we go

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stephanie beatriz is in this episode of modern family my fam is watching

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I just looked up the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover and I’m super relieved to find out it’s a Family Guy episode and not a Simpsons one

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i love this moment of King of the Hill so much that i will gladly watch a shitty handcam recording of a tv to see it

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skatank asked: Its a mystery song is AutoRun IIIkg by DiGERATi, I found this out by downloading the song off of tumblr and hoping the person who uploaded it uploaded the file with the original title on it.

thank GOD

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My family is talking about couples Halloween costumes

My family is talking about couples Halloween costumes

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