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i love slushies and will die for anything
i love slushies and will die for anything

List of people who should definitely be hanging out with me when I’m in NYC from the 29th through to EITHER the 3rd or the 5th not counting NYE:

  • Miller (we’re taking the same bus in this should not be a problem)
  • Hannah
  • Joe
  • Kelly
  • Joseph
  • Kelly (there is two of each)
  • Max
  • Chris Mello
  • Noel (if I don’t get to see Noel I will PISS)
  • Elise
  • Brad
  • who else
  • wants to
  • hang out??????
  • who else
  • even
  • lives nearby???

(Not counting people I will be seeing in Jersey which includes Zach, Katie, Jared, Mina and Sean and possibly others? Let’s hope)

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  1. weveboth said: im far away but i’ll wave to you from a state over!!!!
  2. ktjayne said: am I cool enough to hang out o_o
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